Track and Recover a Stolen Laptop with Prey

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Track and Recover a Stolen Laptop with Prey

Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in Central America, certainly in terms of violent crime. But the barbwire lining the houses is there for a reason – theft and petty crime are a part of life here. That’s why Prey, a free computer tracking software for Windows and Mac OS, can be invaluable if your laptop is ever stolen.

How does Prey work

Prey control panelIn order to track a device, you’ll need to install the Prey software on your laptop, desktop or phone and create an account at Once your account is set up, the program quietly runs in the background, checking in at periodic intervals to see if the user has reported the computer stolen.

In the unlucky event that your computer gets swiped, just flip the “missing” switch in your web-based account and the software will spring into action. When the thief connects to the Internet, you will be able to pinpoint the general location of the device, take pictures of the user with the webcam, track all of the activity on the computer, set off an alarm, read a message aloud and more.

Quite often, thieves will login to their email or Facebook accounts (most helpfully) where you can find out his or her full name and take to the police. That info coupled with the geolocation data and a mug shot snapped by your webcam should give you a pretty good shot at recovering your computer.

Of course, I don’t suggest that you go knocking on doors in Hatillo 8 or Leon XIII – even the Costa Rican police should be able to do something with the amount of information Prey provides.

In a country rife with petty crime, there’s no excuse not to have this safeguard installed on your computer. Follow the link to install Prey for free.