How to Install iPhone Apps Not Available in Costa Rica

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How to Install iPhone Apps Not Available in Costa Rica

If you’ve ever taken a look at Costa Rica’s iTunes app store you’ll quickly notice that it’s more barren than the landing site of NASA’s curiosity rover. The reason for the lack of options usually lies with the developers preference to keep their apps country specific – for example, a newspaper app published in Argentina that does not need to be distributed globally.

While this strategy might serve the developers, it leaves many Ticos frustrated who would like to download popular apps not available in Costa Rica. Luckily, with a little work, you can download any free iPhone app that is not available in your country’s store. Here’s how:

  1. Open iTunes on your computer and login to your account (This can’t be done from your iPhone or iPod).
  2. Scroll to the “Change Country” option and pick a country where the app is available.
  3. iTunes will now require you to update your Apple ID billing preference and address, and accept new terms. Accept and hit “continue.”
  4. In the payment method area, click “None” as your payment option.
  5. Now you will need to update your billing address to one that is inside the new country that you selected previously. This can be totally fake, just make sure that the syntax is correct for that country’s address system. You are going to change this back later anyway.
  6. Hit continue and search for your app in the iTunes store. You should now be able to see it and download it.
  7. Once it has downloaded to your computer, plug in and update your iPhone, the app should start installing.
  8. Once the app has installed on the phone, go back into your account in the iTunes software and change your address back.

That’s it, your done! Just keep in mind that in order to download any future updates to that app you will need to change your country as you did in previous steps.